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3 days ago

The Lonely Island

Me and Selena had so much fun working on @hotelT. We play a married couple so we had to get really in sync with our performances. That’s why we both are so “on” in these behind the scene pics. Anyway, enjoy the latest Hotel Transylvania film, in theaters today! ... See MoreSee Less


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In german language it is always „the other one and me“ - isnt it the same in english?

Andy, you look like you are groaning through these pics from start to finish in one long breath. Are you alright? Is everything ok?

you're the best Lucy Hale

Pascal Lachaine drole tu savais tu que sétais lui le rouquin dans Hôtel Transylvanie

Yep! You look like a married couple on a shopping spree :-P

Selena and I

Please make Hot Rod 2

“you gotta be greater than the haters!” Loved the movie!

When is Selena going to do a Lonely Island song????

Belinda Hanna why is she standing next to him

Would it be safe to say that everything came naturally when you were with her?

Matt Cragg Never seen Samberg so thrilled 😅

Ashleigh Di Matteo We should actually cut selena first Bieber now my man! Oh heckkkkkk nahhhh gurll

Whoa. Andy is going to get himself Metoo'd.

what kind of new look is this ? Dr. do see my wisdom tooth?

Andy ❤️Selena 💗🌸🌈Thats love 💕 right there.

Alexes, how are you feelin about the stubble?

There was that one time he fought rocky...

Waiting for some new music 😂

Shreyas D. Shelke would be you in all our pictures. God I love this guy . Gauri Jindal

Parolta and Amy? is that you guys ?

Yashika Sharma I will die and I cant stop tagging you.. I love him..

only one has a successful music career Vritika Goyal

Lauren Haleigh Montgomery new hotel transylvania! One kid movie I actually like lmao


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3 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

@betsyboz killin the selfie game. ... See MoreSee Less

@betsyboz killin the selfie game.


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Gemma Courtney im done

Look at that loudmouth cunthole Steve!

Good work Piralta.

Andy killin that multiple chin game


Hey when are ya gonna bring your music to Vancouver? Would be nice ya know. Maybe we can host the show on a boat!! A ferry boat probably...

Is that s g

You are OLD.

Did you teach my Dad how to selfie? His selfies look just like this


I thought that said "BeatsyBoys" ...

Sippin on a lite beer

same @betsyboz

Damn steve

Jake Peralta!!!

Lucía Oguro

Katerina Eckley Heffern


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4 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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Looks like Jorma is sitting on a little chair

I love you gys SM. Pls come to Brazil and pls be more present in social media for God's Sake. And also you should go in a tour ASAP

Like for the FRIENDS hoodie lol!

I wanna see hot rod 2! Come on make it already

I can't wait to see what you guys do next. I love watching your videos, music videos, and movies. Popstar was awesome. I always feel better about myself and the world at the end of your movies. People need to laugh and feel good, thank you for what you do. We have enough people trying to shove bad news in our face all the time. Sick Glenda is hilarious. I would love to see a full song or video on that. Keep up the great work.

I feel like someone told you guys that life was gonna be this way though. That's the big difference.

Why do I immediately hear "Meet The Crew" start when I look at this picture?

Akiva rocking FRIENDS!!!

😂 I love Kiev’s sweater.

Max Lowe this makes me happy


One more time i've watched popstar yesterday evening. And the reason why I love your work so much it's cause it results from a true deep and sincere friendship. You're so perfect with that !

Tour Australia

Love the friends sweater! 🤘🏼

Come to the uk!!!

I need a lonely island Russia themed music video in my life

This picture would've been better in Japan



The boys look pumped to be heading to Emeryville's finest for the afterparty.

Jake Hetherington is Jorma kneeling or sitting on a tiny chair

Steven McFarlane I somehow thought all 3 of these were Daniel Horn there for a minute

Nerds! (I really wanted to do a gif from nerds for humor... But no, won't let me)

we went from costumes to casual clothes....old geezers <3

Loving the Chive hoodie dude!

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

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Please, for the love of all that is awesome, let this be “I’m On A Goat”...

The four horsemen of the apocalypse

A more ambitious crossover than Infinity War...

Adam stuck in the drive through 2 confirmed

Imagine, Lonely Island and Weird Al joining forces for an album! That would be amazing!!

When it’s Dad’s turn to have the kids for the weekend...

This could be incredible.

..there has been a ripple in the collective unconscious 🤔

Is Weird Al gonna parody The Lonely Island?

Sure hope this means collaboration...

Now that y’all are collaborating with Weird Al. Y’all need to collaborate with Lil Dicky afterwards.

Oh pls pls pls say you are doing a duet!

Please be working on something together!

Oh please let this be a collab!

Think of the parody hits...I’m on a float, brother lover, stick in a box, biz in my plants, we like shorts, all the classics 😂😂

Tegan Williams!!!!!!! Can’t handle this much awesome!!!!!!!

the four most important people in my life.

Thought Andy couldn't grow facial hair?

Can we handle the hole in space/time this is likely to cause?

Emily check out this car pool! Haha

They should make an album all 4 of them

Are y’all in the cash cab?

It’s a dream come true!!!!

Amelia please, please, please make an album together!

Mike Freitas - whatever this is, I imagine it will be magic 😲 🙊🙈🙉

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

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fake! Rosa doesn't smile. and where's Boyle?

Rosa smiling what?! lmao

Jorma and Akiva are looking different

melissa fumero really has a pretty smile

Amaya Abeydeera andy please marry me 😭

Bardia Habibkhoda 3 am drunk selies with strangers

Isabelle Dinh Elisa Luu us 3 tho wholesomeness thru the roof

coool coool cool coool cool cool cool cool, no doubt no doubt

Aisha Elmi “There is a bomb at this wedding as well – your butt. Your butt is the bomb. There will be no survivors.” Best wedding vows ever! 😎😏

I love this show! Can't wait for a new season!!

There needs to be an episode now that they are married that Amy becomes obsessed with selfies for her scrap book lmao

Photoshoped u r not real ur just in my magic tv

Katherine Yuan there is so much i love about this pic

That's definitely wedding clothes!!

Charles Williams is it weird it made me happy to see this? I think watching Brooklyn 99 is too addicting. Idk what I'm gonna do when we finish the show..

Jamie Blanco this makes me happy

Jake & Amy...4 everr! So glad ur gonna be back!

Smiling Rosa... Something is very wrong here.😦😊

Watching Brooklyn nine nice as we speak 😂

Its the wedding episode and Rosa smiles because she found someone she likes

Far out Sally Field looks good for her age.

Congrats on getting your show back! Also, when you releasing more music?

Awesome!! Now whatcha gonna do about Last Man On Earth??

Francoise, Stephanie en waar zitten jullie al? ;)

It's almost unnatural to see Rosa smiling

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

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Look at that loud mouth cunthole Steve!

After my fiancé left me the only thing that brightened my day for months was “the lonely island” thanks guys for being there when no one was! #motherlover #fuckbenladin #thecreep

Looks like you guys are getting schwifty.

Please tour 🙏💕

Jakob Bremner

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

Everyone lost their minds when @justintimberlake showed up 🙌🏼 ... See MoreSee Less

Everyone lost their minds when @justintimberlake showed up 🙌🏼


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That’s a different puppet from the one used in Pasadena, I wonder why?

No they didn't. Justin Timberlake is an unofficial member. Duh. He was expected.

Hey I went to the hotel in Emeryville Room 235 #badbitch

Gemma Courtney Emily Armstrong im the puppet tho

Listening to Motherlover right now 🤗

Marilisa Lehmer better than the real Justin Timberlake

No we all lost our shit when Dr. Spaceman came out and did his parts for "The chronicles of Narnia"

Uk Tour!

What'd you expect, he's an o.g. double o.g. mother lover

Alexes, what wonderful fantasy universe is this?

Boston please!

Our whole family is prepared to drive far enough that we need to stay in a hotel to see a concert if a tour happens.

Love it, love everything about it ! 😂

Please tour. You guys are on my bucket list!!

JT tá diferente Filipa :D

Dc please

Linas Jelizarovas it would be my honour to be your new step father 🎤

Charlie Diemert if they tour, we're adding them to the list 😎


LMFAO Dennis!!! JAM!!!

Danny JayKay

Michael King

Jessica Jayne Sharpe

Martin Nelson

Beth Roberts

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

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Such a bad ass concert...glad I can say those three special words #IWasThere

I waited at the extended stay America in emeryville all night!!!

What other musical group can say they've collaborated with T-Pain, Justin Timberlake, Chris Parnell, and Michael Bolton? No one. TLI has the most diverse range of collaborations. My goal in life is to do a melodica collab with TLI one day.

Cyril Figgis aka Jerry Smith

What up Parns?


Leon Borcoskie if they come to Christchurch can we please go

Pass that chronic...cles of Narnia ❤ i love you guys! Hope you had a great show 😉

Everybody commenting normie stuff, as if they dont even know brooklyn nine-nine


Please tour South Africa. Seriously, you guys are amazing.

Man, I would love to see Chris Parnell do Lazy Sunday live!

Does anyone know if this was recorded or streamed?! I need to see this!


Who invited Jerry?!

Ainsley they did a live concert! You gotta go watch the videos of it!!!

Australian Tour needed dudes! You rock & look super stoked here! P.S. Parns doesn’t age. Wtf?

Look at me I'm a boat...

For the love of God come to Houston

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

So rad. Please have a big Us/Canadian tour! I would be there!

Dr spaceman

Where are the turtlenecks?

son of a vondruke!

Abby Michael Bolton. I need to watch them again.

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

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Come to Australia? We're the real Lonely Island when it comes to tours

That was such an amazing show, thanks for the fun time!

Ella Tredinnick Sam Tredinnick OMG IM SHOOK!! Jake is from the lonely island 😂

I think my life peaked last night. Best concert ever! THANK YOU!

“Sipping on a lite beer”

But I act like it tastes bad outta humbleness ❤️

She even let me wear my chain and my turtleneck sweater...

Ottawa plz! Rockfest maybe? that would be amazing

Amazing show! I am honored to have been at your first concert!

Come to Germany <3

Come to the uk 🇬🇧

Go on tour💜💜

come to belgium please

Emma Parkes do you remember when we dressed like this 😂

So humble

Ailish Fitzy this is everything

來台灣我包你們吃住加chill kna sayin'

Sippin on a light beer!

Now you’ve got to do a show in NY!

They're becoming an Aquabats tribute band?

Turtle Neck Twerk Time!

Turtleneck, turtleneck, turtleneck!

There are the turtlenecks!

I don't see any light beer.

I love you guys! 😙

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first ever warm up show in Pasadena. It was a blast. We’ll never forget it, although it did go by like an insane fever-dream. ... See MoreSee Less

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first ever warm up show in Pasadena. It was a blast. We’ll never forget it, although it did go by like an insane fever-dream.


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Ive been listen to you guys for 10 years, Lonely Island is my favorite band! A tour would be awesome sause, man! Hopefully you guys are able to make it up here to Portland,Oregon!

PLEASE do a tour!!

... and I jizz in my pants

Do a “practice” show in Chicago!!!!

So sad I couldn’t make it. Sadly I can only fly to California for one Lonely Island concert this week. See you Friday!!! #clusterfest

Best Ever! I really liked the song about coming out onto the stage. Simply amazing.

Beastie Boys Wannabes...🙄

Please tell me you’re touring??

Come to the UK anywhere here will do and I’ll be there!

I will be at Clusterfest in spirit! I love my #tliboyz! ❤

Please visit the UK if you touuuuurrr!

Tim Boos hatten die etwa ein Konzert 😱

Srishti Gupta what if they came to London!

Wish I would have been in the area. it

Travis "This is a concert" lmao 😂😂😂

2 days!!! #clusterfest

...and tour!


Marie De Cardaillac ça te tente un petit voyage?! 😅

Garrett Cox

Aaron Valenzuela 💔

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

😁 (Someone sent us this pic, not sure who to credit...) ... See MoreSee Less

😁                                 (Someone sent us this pic, not sure who to credit...)


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Michael Bolton... The Lonely Island.... The boys are back🎵🎼

I'd pay to watch you guys sing live.

I know it's a long stretch but if you come to Australia we'll buy a bunch of tickets. Not /all/ of the wildlife will kill you.


Nina Strobel this is the tail....ohrwurn🤣🤣🤣🤣

You three look like Michael Bolton just came on stage and interrupted your set with his own story. Oh wait, that's exactly what happens 😂

The show was absolutely amazing fellas! Judging by their faces I dont think they were expecting such a hyped crowd. I hope this sold out event shows how in demand they are, and motivates them to do more performances. For their virginal debut they killed it!

You guys really need to be on a bigger tour please come to Seattle Washington you guys rule thank you

Omg. This is my favourite song. It's always stuck in my head.

"Now back to the good part"

My favourite song!!!! I love lonely island but Michael Bolton steals this song from ya 😂😂😂😂😂 legend!!!!!!!

Hannickel Horowitz I see my hand & my ring! Lol

Literally just watched the video for this song last night. Like 3x.

I hope Michael Bolton is available June 1st!

lonely island with alexander pistoletov?

The only Michael Bolton song I'll listen to! 😂

Well no credit can be given to whoever dressed you 🤣🤣

Alannah Tanner Jacob Turner 😂 just looking at the picture and it's already stuck in my head

And yet still better than the previous film

This is freaking awesome. I wish I was able to go to Clusterfest!

Jess Zuercher omg they had Michael Bolton there!!! Ahhhhhhhhh jellllyyyyyyyyyyy

It's almost like a Reneasance painting

That would be Jack Sparrow

Chris Lees alestorm got some new members

Lol! Jennifer what are the chances this pops up in my news feed!?! 🤣

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

ATTENTION LOS ANGELES! We are doing a practice show this Sunday in Pasadena!!! All ages! Only $25 (+fees)! Bring your friends! It’s gonna be a goof! Tickets for sale now on ticketmaster (link in bio). ... See MoreSee Less

ATTENTION LOS ANGELES! We are doing a practice show this Sunday in Pasadena!!! All ages! Only $25 (+fees)! Bring your friends! It’s gonna be a goof! Tickets for sale now on ticketmaster (link in bio).


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Charging money for practice? I say that’s whack. Won’t take it back. I’ll prolly get smacked. For sayin that it’s whack.

im willing to sell my first born child and all my vital organs for a ticket please help me

I tried getting ticket! Sold out already!!!

Anyone still looking for a ticket, I have one extra. It’s will call so I can meet you at the venue. Just want cover my cost so $44. Message me!

Jamie O'Grady god damn it why can’t this be a thing in November

FOR SALE!!!!! Got one extra ticket. Will call so you have to meet me there 7pm Tickets are going for 100+ on Craigslist/ stubhub. Make me an offer, I’ll take the best offer!

I wish so much I was local to see this. I’m going to clusterfest only to see you guys. I’ve been waiting for years for a live show and I’m so excited. I hope it went very well! Can’t wait for next weekend!

We need a concert in hamburg germany guys

Conor Fitzsimons If they come here I will Jizz In My Pants!! 💦👖

Tix PURCHASED!! George & I are SO stoked we're rewatching Popstar for like the 20th time right NOW!

MJsgrams Apodaca 😑 of all the weekends you have to drag me away, first Solo and now this

Renee and Grace, let’s gooooooo!

Please come to Canada! Or at least give a little more notice. Me and my fiance would have 26 hour drive if we had more time to get off work. Any tour coming up???

Come to the east coast!!! Pittsburgh is where it’s at.

Neil Pallivathucal Aidan Arguelles you guys gotta find Kasra and bring him to this with you! I’d totally go if I was a little closer hahaha

If anybody has an extra ticket please message me. I'll buy it off you and can pay you in cash, or through PayPal. I really eqnt to go to this. Thanks

Jenny li'l trip to the US for a warm up gig?

James Smede Heard this on the radio. At this stage only doing concerts over there but hopefully they may come to Australia

Will this be preceding the first ever tour?

Eve Turpin yooo imagine qu’ils viennent à Montréal je meurs for sure 😭😭

Any chance you'll make your way down to San Diego?

Will there be any special thangs for this show that won’t be done at cluster? Or maybe even a different set list? Just curious? I want to retain some excitement for cluster if I go to this show 🙂

Alex Gilbert when do you start your new job and could you swing this beforehand?

Are they going to do a full tour?

Hahaha I know this is too spare of the moment and we already have other plans but could have been fun Jolene Weston 😂

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

repost: @terrycrews ... See MoreSee Less

repost: @terrycrews


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Big shout outs and excitement from New Zealand!!! Go team Awesoooooome!

I want to go to there

Umm. How did Terry Crews take this picture? He's in it...

I haven't seen Hamilton yet but will love Lin Manuel forever for bringing attention to Brooklyn nine nine's unfair cancellation!!!!!!

Terry loves Hamilton

Allie Mackerty I don't know if you saw it but at one point during the whole Cancellation Apocalypse Terry tweeted Lin and said they should do a musical episode and so this picture has got me hyped

He looks like shy Ronnie in this

JUNE 1st!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

All the happiness Melissa Leanna

All my faves in one pic Krystal

Terry Crews, one of the greatest men alive!

No shit, is that Alvie from Dr. House?

Maddy pretty sure this is what your dreams look like

Don't you mean Sergeant Terry Jeffers?

This is everything I ever wanted in a photo


Jorma and Akiva changed so much

Terry loves love

You guys are amazing! hahaha

Nha-Uyen Tran too much for one heart





Connie Kucani look at these babies 😍

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

New ep tonight. Still on fox for 1 more. ... See MoreSee Less

New ep tonight. Still on fox for 1 more.


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"Still on fox for 1 more." Title of your sex tape.

I love everyone in this pic! Can't wait to see the wedding, really hoping the Pontiac bandit makes an appearance 😆 #ninenine

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, no doubt, no doubt.

SO happy NBC stepped up; they know a good thing when they see it! Excited for many more seasons, just hope they’re not all reduced to 13 eps!

No wonder it got "cancelled" - you're on Fox! Fox always cancel good shows cos they suck. Thanks NBC 😊😊😊😊!

When you gotta see out plans with your ex, even though you got a new boo.

"New ep tonight": name of your sex tape

Number 1, can you sing the opening to "I want it that way"?

I’m so glad that they picked you all up. This is the only show that I can’t wait to watch every week.

I was just singing "I'm the most courteous-bittable, hospitable Reverential, normal-ary Arnold Schwarzen-orgarary".... And then you guys pop up

Can't wait for the new ep and new season on NBC. To many more!

The theme is my ringtone and I have two B99 text tones. My students know that Jake Peralta is my TV boyfriend. We found the show late, but we have watched every episode and LOVE the Nine-Nine

Jason is Back! Awesome, He's been my favorite Guest Star, next to Adam Sandler, Eric Roberts and Craig Robinson.

Your show is one of two that my family tries to watch on live tv because..we need it ASAP. If NBC puts you next to Superstore we gonna have us NBC must see Thursdays again!!. #ninenine

Pimento!!! Love the Zouks and the 99! Kudos to NBC for being cool about this and congrats to all of you guys!

What is up with Fox? They just seem to cancel anything worth watching.

Not gonna lie, I legit forget Jake's actor is in The Lonely Island... I also forget that Terry Crews's character isn't the main character, too. I'm weird like that I guess

WOOO!!!! PIMENTO!!!! Gawd can y'all make him a regular cast member already? I still cry-laugh when he kills the bug in the breakroom.

Only thing good about fox was Hulu. Now I'll need to figure out how to watch B99...

Raffi? The League was the shyte. One of the funniest shows of all time.

Is that Rafi from the league? That guy cracks me up.

Randomly hanging out? Those episodes have been shot ages ago..

love you guys, I would have been sad without you!

Ouch was that a burn on Lucifer

The team should abduct him and shave that beard off

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

NBC IS PICKING UP BROOKLYN 99 for SEASON 6!!! ... See MoreSee Less



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My prediction: it gets canceled after one more season because all the people who claim to watch it, don’t actually watch it.

Cool cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt! 🎉🎉🎉

Should've been like "I dont want your handouts! I ain't a charity case." *threw it on the ground*

At least one show is lasting. Disappointed that Lucifer is not coming back. FOX Sucks. Netflix should pick it up so it can get there without limitation

am I the only one who was hoping this show getting canned would mean we got a new lonely island record?

Is there any way you guys can bring Lucifer along with you? I see Jake and Lucifer getting into some real shenanigans together.😄

I love this so much. I am slightly unnerved by Rosa smiling. But given the circumstances I am so stoked, my dudes.

Andy kind of look like Littlefinger in this picture.

Nbc has almost always had more well developed programming than fox. Not always, but hannibal was a prime example of what NBC can do (even though it was cancled, it was an absolute treasure. Im happy for you guys, and cant wait to see you all soar with the new network!

Megan Koch Fox, Hulu, and Netflix are just dumb for passing on this show. NBC has got it handled though. The 99 is back! 🙌🏻

Definitely doesn't stop there though people have to watch it live and buy the dvds, actually put some money into the show. Otherwise it will be cancelled again next year.

Literally only discovered this a few months ago late night on channel 4... like 1am or something. Finally spotted it on Netflix a couple weeks ago and binge watched the first 4 seasons. Liked it so much I'm watching through them all again. Pleased theres going to be a 6th season to watch!

Yeeeeeesssss, literally just saw the cancellation notice a minute ago and I was shattered. But now it's all coolcooolcoolcolcoollocoollocool

I mean, I like most people stopped watching the show. It got repetitive quick. I was laughing less. And if I was going to watch tv, there were better shows to watch. Maybe if I watched tv 24 hours a day, I'd fit it in before shittier shows.

Fantastic news! As i heard the news from fox that they canceled you i was close to cry. Please, go on with Nine-Nine as long as you can! I love this series and These Awesome Cops!

hell yeah! what a roller coaster thought you guys got canceled and here you are getting put on NBC. your fucking with my emotions man!!!

THANK YOU GOD! this is the only show i watch now that Ash vs. evil dead is getting canceled I was so afraid of being left showless

This is great news... but only 13 new eps for Season 6? Not enough eps yo 😪 Needs to be at least 20 eps just like it use to be!

I was gutted when I say the show had been cancelled the other day 😢 GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! Looking forward to the new season now.

Was kinda hoping Netflix or Hulu did so they could go a little further with the humor. Show is great! I hate that current shows are getting cancelled to try reboots of old shows

All of my JOY!!!!!! 😭🤗 My husband and I watch your show as a pick me up after EVERY “heavy” show! We were sooo sad when we heard it wasn’t renewing - this is GREAT start to my weekend.

Rachel Sullivan I saw something that said it was going to be cancelled after season 5 and this is saying it’s picked up for season 6??? What’s the truth?!

Alan Pettigrew Jonathan Wynn good news guys, you won’t have to keep watching the same episodes over and over over again...oh wait a minute

I think this shows way better than a lot of others on the air especially like big bang theory. How the shit does it have 12 seasons. Plus I can't stop seeing Rod Kimble, anyone else have this issue? Hahaha Jimmy Krone soul of a bottle nose dolphin!

Rebecca Clements. She’s been an Emotion filled few days Cancelled B-Nine-9 now NBC doing the right thing! Thank god roll on Season 6!!!! 😍😍

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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I really hope the article I read today saying that Brooklyn 99 has been cancelled is bullshit. It's the best show on T.V.

Omg! Wtf? They can't cancel brooklyn nine nine. How the F does a show like The Big Bang Theory get to season 11 but brooklyn gets stopped at 5? There is something seriously wrong with this world! 😣😣

Love the show ... but Gina is annoying af; approaching "Dwight" level Maybe because we all know someone like her? wtfever ... smaller doses please tks

I feel robbed... One of my favorite shows whether it's reruns or new stuff I'll always watch the 99. Here's hoping Netflix makes a smart decision and picks up the show.

Omg I was wondering when he would be on it

Did you see it’s being cancelled though 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Apparently Hulu have offered to pick it back up.

Save us all Netflix.

For people that don't know yet. 99 did get canceled by fox. But NBC took it over for a shorter season. So it's not gone yet.

No! Its my favorite comedy show EVER

Carlos Flores veeee es de hoy! Espero solo estén jugando con nuestros sentimientos jajajajajaja

Michael Binecki I totally thought this was you for a minute, scrolling through my feed

There’s only like three shows I make a point to watch every week and B99 is one of them. One of my all-time favorites.

Thank you for the 5 seasons. I hope netflix picks you up. Hahaha

Does 99 moving to NBC mean more SNL characters will pop up?

Kelly Lee that’s the entire lonely island cast now 😮

I don't recognize any of these people

Cassie, this better surpass the 30 second Akiva cameo.

Sad news under funny picture, shocked

Thibaud,I really need to continue :O

So sad that Brooklyn nine-nine is being cancelled.. :(

I’m so so sad this got cancelled, seriously. Wtf.

best team ever Lena NK

Kyle how much does that look like Jean-luc

Dont go Brooklyn Nine-Nine your the last of a dying breed of great television !!!!

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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Jorma's looking a little different.


So Jorma missed the boat?

OH SHIT!!!??? Keith is in Brooklyn 99? I gotta start watching again!

Guess nobody in NYPD Recruiting came across "We'll Kill You".

Come to Middletown pa. I’ll buy y’all a beer.

mate for a second there I thought that was j mcavoy and I lost my chill Gemma Faulkner

Seriously my 12 year old son now wants to be a detective because Jake is cool. Mummy’s got a kick ass career for nowt (England for nothing)!!

"Wow! Free squad car ride for three! Now who should I take? Keeeeeeiiiiith. Aaaaaaaaaand.... Boyle"

Avika should have been in the episode for longer

I had a dream Boyle was my wife and he made a great wife. Hard to not see him half naked in a frilly apron asking me if I want scotch or milk with dinner upon coming home...

Haha, noice! Can't wait for tonight's episode 😆❤

What happened to Jorm? 😂


Detective Kiv -- me likey that

Holy shit, Rip Hunter back in the 20th century Or, Rory is on adventure with the Doc

Akivaaaaa 😀😱 Noiiiiiice

Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake what we were talking about 😃

Most important cop show...


hot ❤️

Jormas gonna make an appearance!!! That's so dope!!!

Aiden Winder i was waiting till they all appeared on the show ahah

What is this, a crossover episode?

Annalise Sortino lonely island cameo in 99 big scenes

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

Legend ... See MoreSee Less



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Is that Carl Winslow?

Louis Armstrong?!

Calypso Breezy Big Guy‼️ lolz

If Jake doesn’t get his Bruce Willis moment I’m done with the show !


Loved this episode! Drunk Holt was hysterical.


Best character in die hard hands down. I think he actually played Carl Winslow in that also.

Can’t you read between the lines, man!!


Amy Forbes he’s so perfect 😭❤️

George Henderson Sam Blake why is he with ainsley harriot

One of the hero's from the Nakatomi plaza. Never forget

Reginald VelJohnson! 💖

Big guy! <3

This episode was great

Jack Webster it's organic



Great episode

Lottie Turnbull Safia Saumtally

Erin McGuire-Fischer

Mike Bachini

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

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This is why Jorma wasn't picked to be on a boat.

Where’s Boyle?

Hotrod 2!!!!

Is there a concert tour ever happening?

Yashika Sharma ohh god.. Andy Samberg.. hot 🔥

Yessss, beard it up, guys. looking fine.

Aline Andy Samberg avec une barbe c'est CALIENTE 😶😂

Why are you all so attractive??!! 😍🤯

Loving the beards guys! ❤❤ #mytliboyz

You guys have been friends for a long time, do you fight/argue like siblings?

Love Andy's Wayne's World hat 😍

Clayton Michael looks like our old #31up pics

The creep eyes lol

You guys really need to tour so I can see you!



Party time! excellent!

what are you guys up to? christmas album?

Yo andy I like the beard man looking messy and wild in a good way man 👌👌

So much love for you guys and everything you do 😄

Owen is this where your beard inspo comes from? 😜


Concert tour?? Come on

Love the hat!

Just a couple of hunks

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