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6 days ago

The Lonely Island

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Arne Stecher Lars Stecher es geht wieder los <3

Herinne Kapend

Zac Cox

Liz Perez

Rishav Majumdar

Jon Lyon lol

Can the final ever episode be a 20 odd year flash forward to see Boyle and Peralta as the next Hitchcock and Scully?

George Henderson Sam Blake Natasha Barfield Anya Tamahine Roberts

Jonny Bateman

"You bet your nips we are, skid mark!!" Is my new favorite thing to say!! I love this show so much!! #Brooklyn99 #BrooklynNineNine #hitchcockandscully

Amber Carpenter

Judy Shephard 💕


Jack Springthorpe

When will you on netflix la?!

Flattop and the freak 🙌

Katy Westacott

This post is Ka-Blamo.

Simon Descarte encore plus de Hitchcock et Sully !

Alice Cobzaru :)))))))))))))))))

Rachel uhhhhh, is it just me or does young Scully look like Hank from Titans????

Ivan noice noice noice noice noice


Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best show. I love it so much.

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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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"Why are you telling me this?" "Because no one will ever believe you."

cool cool cool cool cool

I Love Dillion Harper.

From now on... You will call me... VELVET... THUNDER...! 😎

Where can I buy that T-shirt? Asking for a friend

He is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs.

shes so good looking plese lick my face

Lonely island ft tech n9ne. Hook it up

Took a selfie with a hot chick by me And I jizzed in my pants hahaha

Best. Show. Ever. 😄👮🏽‍♀️💯 [that shirt is Captain Holt’s secret personality 😂]

Andy, you are my doppelganger. Love you guys <3

Michael Hill Alex Agabiou Ellie Marsden Maisie Betteridge not 100% on who watches it but our boi Holt is our mood for 2019 😤 let’s get this bread. NINE NINEEEE!!!

In Swedish we have the word "Slutstation" which basically is the end of the line for public transportation.

Clydille Abbott honestly the funniest thing is Holt's shirt. Fitting for the simultaneously least dramatic and most dramatic character of all time 😂

I think we are forgetting the real hero in this picture.... far right ➡️

Seriously! The studio needs to make those shirts available! I live in San Antonio. We have Fiesta every year, and I would love to wear the DTF shirt!

The guy photobombing though 😂😂

Super excited to have the 99 back! Absolutely love it! What Lonely Island doing for Bonoroo this year??

Clearly the pineapple.

Captain holt 😱 Nice shirt 👌😂😂

She’s so hot, but cmon all I see is the slogan on old mates t shirt HAHAHAH Aiden Maddy Paige Caitlin

is that Andre Keith Braugher

Fuckin love you Andy. Let’s make a manwich together

But really where can I get this shirt lol?

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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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Sara Langston maybe we do need to go this year since Lindsay Revenew can't....

For a moment then I thought it said Manchester UK! You do know you guys would sell out easy coming to the U.K. right???

Delaney Rohel The lonely Island are doing a show! Does it get better than this!?!?!?

I didn't even realize who posted this, and was thinking to myself "the only day I'd be interested in is Saturday for Lonely Island"

Gideon This is in Manchester in AMERICA gosh darn it!! 😭😭😭

Please come to the UK!

Andrew Johnson fuckkk the boys would be unreal live👌

Y’all need to do a North America tour

Stephanie can we go just to see the lonely island

I wish you guys would do a national tour

Laura Dargie Childish Gambino AND The Lonely Island 😍😍😍

Lil dicky, lonely island, Gambino, and Malone are the only ones I'd be interested in lol.

Nicole Tabone maybe this means they’re finally going to tour! Orrrrr we fly to Tennessee in June 🙊

So many bands ive never heard of

Who ever sees The Record Company your welcome, those cats are amazing!!!

I'm so pumped to see you guys there!!!!

So excited to see you guys!

Eric Everson I want to go to this solely to see the Lonely Island 😭 but illenium, liquid stranger etc wouldn't be so bad 😉

Audrey Ferris this could be the perfect excuse to go to TN and knockout a Kacey Musgraves show and see Lonely Island...

I'll go on the one five!!!!

Ok, so you're goin post post post post post Post Malone. Love it!

Anybody aware of that? Quite the „copy“ right? o0

Please tell us you're playing more music festivals this year?!?!?!

Lil Dicky should be higher.

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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

The paparazzi kept yelling “Akiva alone!” It was weird ... See MoreSee Less

The paparazzi kept yelling “Akiva alone!” It was weird


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“Akiva alone“ -> Title of your sex tape!“ 👌🏼 The Lonely Island

Nick Benjamin

Get out of the shot Sandburger

Eliza Ecob

Kaitlyn Hollingworth dudeeeeee he looks so bloody good 😭🤤

You guys did a great job, was a pleasure to watch you

Meredith Khoo 😍

Andy looks like a mix between Buddy holly and Eugene levy

Good job Sanberg!

Akiva Alone: The newest superhero!

Shots, shots, shots, everybody get your flu shots!!!

We both have a D-> for a sister!!

Omg you posted this pic

Great show last night!

I don't blame them

" may I touch you? "

I loveit

they were right



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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

Thanks ya @donjuliotequila for throwing us an after party ... See MoreSee Less

Thanks ya @donjuliotequila for throwing us an after party


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Did they have Santana DVX?

Jennifer Thomason-Sanders this is the guy I was trying to explain last night


Did you shampoo her hair after?

Jordi, you see that in the back?

Andy, I’m a big fan of your work, Brooklyn 99 especially. Both have helped me a lot through periods of bad mental health. A huge part of the reason I love B99 is that it is it is so refreshing in how it does not resort to hateful or offensive jokes for the sake of a laugh and is inclusive and relevant with its storylines and subject matter. So I was very surprised by and disappointed in your joke last night about Freddie Mercury. A man who has meant a lot to millions of people and was being honored last night because he is the subject of Bohemian Rhapsody which was nominated for (and won) several awards. I understand that it is not only you that are responsible and that there are a team of writers behind the #goldenglobes just like any other show.I hope that all parties responsible can make an effort to understand why the joke was disrespectful and learn from and acknowledge mistake. I also understand how the joke could be read as mostly harmless and meant to poke fun at a questionable directing decision in one of the nominated films and not intentional disrespect towards Freddie Mercury. However it was incredibly disrespectful and thoughtless for several reasons. It brought his teeth, something he was incredibly sensitive about, into the forefront instead of anything substantial he did or anything he really was. He was so much more than his teeth and this movie was about him, the man and musical legend, not his teeth. It also disrespectful to his surviving family and friends by trivializing his death in the process of making a joke about his physical appearance. Overall, it was very disheartening to see a man who meant so much to so many people, joked about disrespectfully at an award show where a film aout his life was being honored. I don’t think it was intended to cause harm or be disrespetful, but many Queen fans found it to be. I have admired your ability to be hilarious without being hateful or offensive and I hope you continue to do that. I didn’t write this in anger, but in the hope that you and the others responsible can understand and acknowledge the hurtful consequences of the joke.

they bought their glasses at the same place obviously right?

Noice work guys 👍

you guys are the best 😘

Engraved '42 bottles? Noice.

Loved watching you tonight!

I haven't watched the show yet, but you two are stunning looking!

With Sandra Oh! Yeah!!!😁😁😁✌️✌️✌️

Work-A-holics 🍺🔥

Wait, it already happened?

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3 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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Lisa-Marie Landry mes 2 préférés

Jess Turner

Simon Cosgrave I like this

Tevan Nofi 1:04

Bruh I just saw you in Cuckoo. Too bad you were busy with other gigs because I lost interest when Taylor took over.

Too bad Lonely Island fans don't watch award shows!

Shaun Reynolds Allana Doheny

Aw I love Andy Samberg


Mitchell Christopher Kratzenberg your fav!

Jesse Lai Alex Holt


Avner Meyrav הוא מושלם אני רוצה כזהההה

God you make me laugh. You're a living Legend, Andy



Stephanie Konzen

man for an older chinese lady sandra is still looking better then most of the young girls nowadays. and yes i added the chinese part becasue they either look 12teen or over 1000 yrs old and looking like a shar pei dog lmao

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3 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

It's time we address the elephant in the room.

Don't miss the Golden Globes next Sunday at 8e/5p, after the NFC Wild Card Game.
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Oh? Here last name is Oh?

Ellis Wilson Bit of Cristina Yang AND the lonely island... 😱

I'm not even sure what the Golden globes celebrates. TV? Movies? Both?

I 👀 pink elephant😛

Golden globe? Rather have golden nuggets, atleast I won’t be hungry then.

Victoria Koidis

I'll watch if you promise not to get political. Love you both so much!

Jennifer Peterson omg omg omg

Andy is the hot chick host. Congrats bruh.

Just a bunch of famous people jerking off other famous people. What do you need the awards for when you have Harvey Weinstein.

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3 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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Andy is so hot

Anna Ryan Ruth Wang THEY

Katie thought you might like this combo of people in a picture

Amy Wilson Billie Jean

Liz Cornall i love them both so much <3

Jon weird thing is I'm legit straight af but he's hotter than she is

Stephanie Konzen

Oh my Sam.

Andy 😍

Love killing eve

I always thought he was taller Gayr Jeff Hargreaves

Y he married to markiplier

Oh stop it now, how can you even make drunken 'crouching on the floor holding my drink and rethinking life choices' and drunken 'holding on to the sofa and walls to remain upstraight' such a glamorous art piece

Great pic guyz 💘




Maravilhosos ❤


The print again! Ncolas

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4 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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Wow Zukerberg and his wife look awesome

Unacceptable where's Santiago!?

Damian Condon she’s from greys 😉 our shows are coming together!!!

Switch them outfits around and you’ve got something

Hottest guy on earth ❤️

Waiting for Hot Rod 2

Who's the Asian dude?

Why is that goofy guy so handsome.

The new Bond? Say it's so :)

Andy is so damn hott! I'm in love with his personality. I miss Christina Yang <3

Jonė OH my ANDY. This is gonna be everything.

Is that dr yang

Oh My! The Globes will be awesome this year! :)

Is that markiplier?

My gf and I love Brooklyn 99! You and Terry crews are incredible..' re a genius

Looks like he got that diaper money

yes, i stan, thank you for this 🙏

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

Uh oh here come da goofs

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
No! Sleep! Til! BLOOPlyn!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a new home on NBC Thursday, January 10.
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Danilo Viana de Souza, é essa série q vc fica enchendo o meu saco pra mim assisti??????

Constanza sinceramente no sé qué estoy haciendo con mi vida, por qué no puedo tener un trabajo así?

Katja Kirkegaard - det er snart! ❤️😍

Carlos Arronte veaaaa Rambo! Cuando vemos todos ls episodios??

Jean-Michel Dufour, Marie-Michelle BD

Jarryd Sheehan Ryan Berry

Tobias Ehrlich love seeing captain holt out of character hahah

Vanessa 😁😁😁

Emi Dews Yes! I knew a show this good wouldn't not have bloopers 😍

Michael haha

Thats what we want for Christmas ❤

John χαχαχαχα

"da da da da daaaaa" 😂

John Cabigao gag reeeeeel 🙌

porque tardaron tanto en publicar esto ❤️

I’ve...been blessed

Joy Chang你有看嗎?我要笑死了

We want more!!!

I don't care that's basically scrubs with cops, I love this show.

Luis una maraton pa cuanda

Hannah Hayes rather than going via the link I sent before here are the bloopers

I have been waiting for a long time ~~~~

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

@joelotruglio directing this week ... See MoreSee Less

@joelotruglio directing this week


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“So you guys got MySpace or?”

Oi Pat that's a sick of photo you?

It's a full episode of Jake sleeping isn't it...

Both of your facial features are rather bold and I don’t hate that 😘

Jake Ladendorf you know jimmy? You look just like his brother

Birgit Brighid one of your colleagues reminds me of the guy on the left...

I had a dream that I was back in HS and you guys were subbing the class I was in. It was cray

That man knows a thing or two about comedy 💕

How's Nikolaj doing?

Currently bing-re-watching B99 with my hubs before the new season!!

"Heard that wish I didn't hear that but I just heard that"

Getting back in shape for another amazing season of Brooklyn 99? Mmmm 👀 🤞

Why are they so cute lol

I’m rewatching Joe on Reno 911 it’s so funny

Showing my middle schooler some stuff from The State! It still goes HARD after this many years! 🤣😂

Luke, what a great picture of you and Chris 😂😂😂😂😂

Get a job. Get a job or you don't eat here anymore.😄

ready to drop more juicy nuggets lol

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

January 10th... ... See MoreSee Less


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Cool guys don't look at explosions...

I strongly hoping/begging that Bruce Willis will guest on this show as himself.

I don't care what channel it's on as long as they keep making it! Keep up the good work Jake & the gang!

Cool cool cool cool

Synthia Lay omg you need to catch up so we can watch this!! Also I guess it’s still nbc lmao

Make more movies like hot rod, the TV shit sucks.

White tank top Die Hard stylez! 💕🤩

Not ashamed to say... I CAN’T WAIT! 🤣🤩😍

Only person who loves the 9-9 as much as I do C.j. America Bergner thought you would love this

Kate Symons Chromecast it at work lol

Damn! Adam looks sexy af. Nine nine!

Best teaser ever ❤

Will it still be on Hulu

Yessssss on my birthday...


So many TLI songs i can put in this teaser

Already seen it ;)

Cannot wait 😍❤️

Why the golden globes? Why can't you just be cool?

Excellent! It's the 99 can't wait...omg! cx

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

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Come out as Hot Rod

Noice. And he doesnt seem like the type that will do a ton of political jokes. So it might be watchable.

Oh please keep it non political

aw but Ricky Gervais was making so many friends

Best come out on stage with your floppy floppies.

Jessica Garman I've never watched the golden golbes in my life but I might start

Anyone remember when Andy hosted SIFA now that is happening again and I actually can't wait.

Can't wait to not watch that

Might just watch it for once now.

If they let him be himself, it should be highly entertaining

We like sports and we don't care who knows

Call him Super Mario cos he be laying the pipe!

Much love, Mr Sandburg , and ms O

take my president (srilanka) instead of trump'

Read this 2 or 3 times thinking they were originally calling Andy samberg sandra

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

Swipe to see us react to getting a January 10th premiere date ... See MoreSee Less

Swipe to see us react to getting a January 10th premiere dateImage attachment


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Dear…Andy Samberg A.K.A Jake Peralta, my name is Mercer Falvai. I am ten years old and I absolutely LOVE your show and I am DYING for season 6! PS I’m not quite old enough to have my own Facebook account so I’m using my mom’s account. Maybe we could keep in touch if that’s ok with you.

YAAAAASSSSS Reva Ainapure 10th Jan

Louise McArdle best birthday present 😂

I want it that way 👌

Rene you just asked.

Saarah why am i attracted to boyle in this picture

Joseph Fairclough we need some catching up to do

That's my due date. This baby better come at least a day late.

Cool cool cool cool cool 🤩

Ruth Wang the night boys r back

NINE NINE!!!!!!........But on a serious note how will the Halloween episode work....NINE NINE????

Brandon Roberts did you see this!!!?!?! 🤩🤩

Maram H yaaaaay for season 6

Too bad the photos are side by swiping 😆

Luke Darby you need to catch up before then!

So excited...on my sixth time rewatching the series. Need new shows 🤤

Love the show so much guys, so hurry the fuck up and give us more please 💓🤗🤗😊😊😊

Ahhhh so they didn’t cancel?!?!

Claudia Finlay the premiere is on my birthday! 😍

One day after my birthday.... what a great gift! Thanks 99

Im still waiting for: NINE NINE 🤗

Buddy in the back tryin to be in the inner circle. Get a life bud.

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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Nina Döllfelder😏

Chris Adkins

Tell me this isn't Matt and Michael 😂😂😂 Luke Aiau

So when you gonna tour?! 🙄❤️

Check out my friends from Pensacola, Florida Watch "The Reappening (Halloween Special) | Kitty Get a Job Sketch" on YouTube


Akivandy is so real ❤️


Andy is gorgeous and funny. Love Popstar. Come to the UK guys x ❤

Greta Punch

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

#tbt conner4real’s house #dumbstarbucks ... See MoreSee Less

#tbt conner4real’s house  #dumbstarbucks


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These pancakes taste like shit

Tomislav u brzom skrolanju, mislila sam da si ti lijevi :D

Just 2 guys having a good time, having a good time...

I'm a style boy for life

This movie is gold

Do the pancakes have dog poo in them?

Lmao the Nathan for you reference, perfect.

Suck a bulls nut. Oxnard

Is this a deleted scene from Hot Rod? Where is the fake sun at?

... Casting couch much?

Tell me you just watched your boy Adam Sandler kill it in his new special!? #100percentfresh that song he did #phonewalletkeys really reminded me of something you would do😉 you guys should write another couple songs together, it’s time man! U and #sandman need to do another parody!!!!!

Are those dogshit pancakes?

Just 2 guys having some breakfast. So handsome too.

What's in those pancakes? 💩


Im 4real

But it’s not Sunday


Just two Bros having Brunch. Lol

What are those pancakes made with?

looks like he's keepin food on the table...yyeah, with dogshit in it!

pancakes!! loveeee pancakes lolll

Havent heard from them in a while.

when is popstar 2 and can I be in it

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

carpool karaoke w @alfredyankovic ... See MoreSee Less

carpool karaoke w @alfredyankovic


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Rachel why does weird al look like the single father of these three kids

And they said Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover event of any generation.

Steve O'Reilly you'll love this is for sure!

Nicole Andrews it’s a dream come true

Is it just me or does anyone else think that weird Al has found the fountain of youth he never looks any different lol he's cool AF though always has been😎😎😎😎😎

Weird Al & TLI for SBLIII 🤘

Hammerleg and Style Boyz collab!

Kristy Soloko Alfred is weird al’s real name?! 😂

Stéphane Huard Weird Al + Lonely Island HOLY SHIT 😍😂

That's it. Your life is complete. You can go no higher.

Make hotrod 2 already. I need another fix

Working on an Album?

Erling Sk, when did you hang out with lonely island?

Weird Al was a pioneer, no doubt about it. But that doesnt mean he was submitting A material, he was a B- at best.

Stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan!

Gravity seems strongest just right of centre here

Hats off to Weird Al, been doing it forever!

Dream team idea - Kanye West ‘No Church in The Wild’ -> “It shrunk in da wash” #Laundry #Tidepods

What is he doing with his hand? Lol

Claudiu the only carpool I might accept

Hi The Lonely Island I just wanted to say Andy Samberg and lonely island you are my biggest role model and amazing comedian actor I love Brooklyn nine nine and can not wait for season 6 congratulations on your show and I hope the lonely island will do a show soon so I can come and watch 😁😁as the movie popstar was amazing ❤️❤️

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

#tbt 2nd season ... See MoreSee Less

#tbt 2nd season


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I see Zach braff has kept his youthful looks but damn Donald faison is looking old as fuck

Meagan Ann Kelsey Moate can we just appreciate this forever 😭❤️

Deathblade and Velvet Thunder. A better team, there is not.

“Meet Balthazar”

Joshua Peterson look at these darlings

Just missing Simon and Balthazar

Great selfie dad -- er, I mean Captain Holt

Brianna Guendjian these are photos parents send when they’re on holiday

Tricia Wong how much love to these two ppl

Bapt Mand so much love 😍

So crazy how good they are at making robots these days...

Justyna Szablowska why dont we have good pictures like this?

Murielle Momo Napoleon, look at this beautiful father/son pic.

I just started watching last night. Binge worthy

🤔 Wondering if they programmed him to smile or that it was just a malfunction

Oh crap, I thought it was cancelled and it was waaaaay too soon to think about stopping that train!! Congratulations and I'll binge watch ASAP!

Brodie Dixon would it be weird if this was framed on my desk at work?

this is clearly photoshoped! everybody knows a smile is just a con man's ruse!

Too many emotions on that face, it feels awkward 😆

I hope they are actually friends irl

Will there be a Halloween episode this season even though you're not starting until 2019?

Aside from my son and husband, my two favorite people

Tilly Buckingham some wholesomeness for today

This show is comfort food. Hard to stop watching. It feels so familiar like a feel-good sitcom. Keep it comin!

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

Hey, happy Wednesday you guys ... See MoreSee Less

Hey, happy Wednesday you guys


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Stécy Aubin omg omg omg check y la face 😭

Emily Armstrong idc imma keep tagging you and showing u

Ada Mona Happy Wednesday guys!

Rachel happy wednesday, bud

Aaaawwwwwww so cute you two!!! Clusterfest was AWESOME! Y’all made that trip worth it

Where’s Cha-Ka

Akiva handsome as ever

Noise !


Happy Wednesday you hunks

Clotilde Cœurdeuil t’as peut être pas d’eau chaude mais voici de jolies smiles pour te réchauffer

Is it? it really?

Ally Ross I really cant handle it anymore

The pen really is mightier than the sword..

Happy Thursday when you live in Australia :)

You both are so beautiful 😘

Happy Wednesday to y'all!

Amy it's me and Andy Samberg

Hey happy Thursday from Australia 🙋‍♀️

How are you guys not aging???

Heeeeeeeeey buddies!

Happy 19 Andy


Hay thar!


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4 months ago

The Lonely Island

#tbt break during Hot Rod press ... See MoreSee Less

#tbt break during Hot Rod press


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My name is Rod, and I like to party.

Erik Brianne almost time for a rewatch?

Hot Rod 2??!!

HOT. ROD. 2!!!! Go!! (Please.) 😃 #whhhiskey


This looks like two fourths of the Beatles

Life's short. Stunt it!

The 'Bu ... the only thing worth watching online before the internet became a real thing.

jorm looks exactly the same what is this xD

Looks like maybe you needed some whissssky.

I love that movie so much

One of our favorite movies!!!! We also love your cameo in Grown-Ups 2! Love that car wash scene!

It's Friday..... Let's party..

Why do youunz hasta be so hot?

This one is only for the real fans... ......... SANDWICH!!


Love this movie!!!

💘 the #TBT

Saying what what way?

3 kids.

Hot rod is a brilliant movie I love it I loved all the stunts u did in it I would give it 5 stars

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